Among Elders Of An Ancient Time Made Anew

Peter Todorov

American Indian Studies 450: The Native Creative Process

Roberta Hill


This project is no longer available for viewing.

A story interwoven through historical, mythical, and personal voices exploring the magical land of Bulgaria, the transcendental, and the opulent wisdom of a forefather.

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  1. Music featured in the movie include Vangelis, Roger Waters and Valya Balkanska. All rights belong to them.
    Artists featured in the movies include Alex Grey, Josephine Wall, Erial Ali, Charles Frizzell, Robert Venosa, M.C. Escher, and Satoshi Matsuyama. All artists unmentioned have their rights upheld.
    Videos featured in the movie include those made by me, Discover Bulgaria, Pink Floyd - High Hopes, and Bjork - Wanderlust. All rights belong to them.
    All material otherwise not given express mention and does not belong to me, I would like to humbly thank for since this work wouldn't be possible without their insight, intuition, imagination, tranquility, peace, bliss, serenity, love, and light.