An Interpretation of Film Applied to Digitally Designed Textiles

Alex Kling

Design Studies

Digital Imagery, Textile Patterns

This project is no longer available for viewing.

The films of several famous movie directors inspire my digitally designed textile patterns. For each director I have watched several of his or her films and taken notes on their style and any repetitive motifs appearing throughout the films.

The first director I chose was Quentin Tarantino and I am going to tackle John Hughes next. I then create an inspiration board with images, sketches, and information to motivate the design process. From there I develop motifs that I feel capture the style and feel of the films. I have to keep in mind that the motifs will be put into a repeating pattern and try to envision where these textiles would be used; bedding, clothing, etc. For each director and set of films I am creating a collection of four different patterns using Adobe Photoshop and a textile industry software, Pointcarre.

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