An Interpretation of Film Applied to Digitally Designed Textiles

Student: Alex Kling
Course: Design Studies
Medium: Images and Textiles

Description: The films of several famous movie directors inspire my digitally designed textile patterns. For each director I have watched several of his or her films and taken notes on their style and any repetitive motifs appearing throughout the films.

The first director I chose was Quentin Tarantino and I am going to tackle John Hughes next. I then create an inspiration board with images, sketches, and information to motivate the design process. From there I develop motifs that I feel capture the style and feel of the films. I have to keep in mind that the motifs will be put into a repeating pattern and try to envision where these textiles would be used; bedding, clothing, etc. For each director and set of films I am creating a collection of four different patterns using Adobe Photoshop and a textile industry software, Pointcarre.

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