Never a Dull Moment

Student: Brennan Harris
Course: Inter-LS 106: First Year Seminar in the Social Sciences: Representing the Self Through Media
Instructor: Erica Halverson
Medium:Audio (43:41)
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Description: In this piece, four students examine their "defining moments." Haley faces the rigors of the National American Miss Teen pageant, Bridget takes on life after her cancer diagnosis, Sarah braves a slew of death among her family and close friends, and Brennan has a life-changing revelation about looking for the silver lining on every cloud. (Artists' Statement:) Most This American Life episodes are organized into four sequential stories. Our piece breaks away from that norm and interlaces the four stories to emulate the rapid-fire nature of real life and to ensure that for the listener, there is Never a Dull Moment.

Featured in "An Afternoon of Aha's & Haha's" April 20 & April 21, 1pm, Atrium - Education Building, UW-Madison

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